Animals With Unusual Fur Markings [bp]

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I remember watching the behind the scenes on this show. The creator of the show said that they got so much fan mail saying this show was the most realistic hospital show.

My parents both worked in the medical profession my whole life, and when I was watching them come home, I could see echoes of what this show did. All other medical shows were so much about the drama. This one nailed it. It nailed the good, the bad, and everything in between.

Also, I read that Scrubs was more medically accurate than House, Grey’s Anatomy, and every other medical show on TV

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once i was babysitting my neighbor’s 6 year old and she asked me why i was so ugly and without thinking i said “i’m you from the future” and she cried for like 30 minutes

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Humorous Movie Marquee Mash-Ups

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if you ignore my texts i’ll just assume you hate me

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What did you do this morning…💭


What did you do this morning…💭

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